I am an illustrator & designer based in New York City. My top three strengths are:

Artistic Adaptability— A customized style to suit the requirements of the project.
Deadline Focused— Respect for timelines and a commitment to meeting expectations.
Professional Experience— Dedication to fostering collaboration and producing quality work; no complaints, no drama.

Always seeking new clients and the next creative challenge.


I've illustrated for magazines, textbooks, children's books as well as marketing materials for tech companies. My style ranges from cartoon to realism and my execution leverages both traditional and digital techniques. Each project is unique, and as such, I keep my style fluid to suit the needs of any given project.


From graphic novels to cartoons, I work with the needs of clients to connect with the heart of their story. I take the visual narrative medium very seriously. My focus is on story first, because story dictates the visual expression of the narrative. The style, textures and shot choices should all serve the message being told.

Concept Art

Concept art is the process of taking ideas from the imagination onto the page. It's the first step towards visual and practical manifestation of characters, environments, and real world concepts. As a concept artist, I've developed a method of distilling ideas and bringing them to life.


At the core of any project is design. Design is the method of guiding and molding something to suit the functional and aesthetic needs of a project. Understanding how to code, along with utilizing design software, allows me to design efficiently and intelligently in the digital world.


From digital to print, I've been published in magazines, children's books, textbooks, comic books, and video games. I have the knowledge to create and deliver files and media based on project needs, whether print or digital.