Building Illustrations

Building Illustrations The client requested a map design, with a series of building illustrations, to display the variety and abundance of digital corporations in the Roanoke and Blacksburg, Virginia area. Over 30 buildings were illustrated in total. They were designed to be clearly distinguishable at small and large size (for the poster, online, or other graphical uses).

The greatest challenges of this commission was balancing the styles of the buildings and exaggerating the forms to be legible at small sizes on the map, while still retaining their essence.

Client Kendall Hunt Publishing Company

Painted Caricatures

A solid caricature is more than just an understanding of artistic rendering and capturing proper proportions, it's a matter of capturing the essence of an individual. The range of distortion and exaggeration varies depending on the job and the individual, but what is essential is that the person is recognizable at first glance.

Textbook Illustrations

The Plaid Avenger's World: For over 8 editions, I've been responsible for the cover and interior art for The Plaid Avenger's World. With each new edition, the books theme is updated with the relative events of the time.

Captain Geo:The Captain Geo character was created after the success of the Plaid Avenger persona. Kendall Hunt and I are building an assembled cast of characters based on real professors (much in the way Marvel and DC focuses on world building). Eventually our textbooks will cross-over and tie together.

Breaking Ground: The project utilized the metaphor of building construction to examine the building of a strong student. Each chapter illustration represents a new step in the building process; from ‘breaking ground’ to the 'finishings.'

Client Kendall Hunt Publishing Company

Children's Book Illustrations

Working with Mascot Books, I was tasked with developing the art direction and illustrations for three separate series. Each story was created by a different author and required different narrative demands.

A Story of Lawyers: tells the tale of our justice system from law school to the courtroom.

Michael Learns to Listen: is told from the vantage point of the youngest sibling in a big family learning how to pay attention.

Rise of the Hokie Nation: is a heartfelt tale about the history of VT football told by a former Virginia Tech football player.

Client Mascot Books

Figure Drawing

As an illustrator, its important to constantly be studying the human figure. I attend weekly classes at either the Art Students League or the Society of Illustrators.