Duke kills superheroes, he hates his job...and he's really bad at it. Turncoat, is a dark satirical examination of a super hero assassin going through a mid-life crisis.

As the Artist/Designer on Turncoat, I was responsible for all line-work, coloring, lettering, and graphic design of the book. As a satire, the challenge was to make sure the personalities in the book encompassed the feel of well-established super heroes but also leave room for their own unique quirks and disposition. Ryan (the author) and I wanted to make sure the focus was on a relatable story of a mid-life crisis, but then wrap the narrative into the bizarre life of a super hero assassin.

Author: Ryan O'Sullivan


“A riotous, irreverent battle royale with an impressive, excessive body count that would make Deadpool blush. Worth checking out!”
- Olly MacNamee, Bleeding Cool

"If you read comics you're going to enjoy the takes on these characters. Had a very Comedia Dell'Arte feel."
- Jimmy Aquino, Comic News Insider

"A great concept from writer O’Sullivan & artist Plaid Klaus. Sharp dialogue, a smart plot & some real humour blend together to give this a unique feel to it. Something the artwork helps emphasize even further."
- Comics Anonymous

"Told with a snarky, self aware, Mark Millar-esque sense of humour O’Sullivan manages to both poke fun at, and revel in, the world of superheroes and villains to create a really great post-modern superhero tale in the vein of Powers or The Losers."
- Alex Thomas, Pipe Dream Comics

Client T Pub (UK Publisher)

Glimmer Society

A punk rock, DIY world of Dungeons & Demons. A secret society of teenagers, as part of a long lineage, battle the occult dark forces that prey on humans.

Story Arc

Six missing teenagers, six new members of the Glimmer Society...A killer walks free among the community at Bradford Prep in Westchester County, New York. He is biding his time, waiting for the perfect sacrifice. Yet other forces, forces that resist the quiet of the grave, have gathered a new group of teenage heroes to expose the killer and the dark society of which he is but a small messenger.

In the world of the Glimmer Society where AP calculus is the least of your worries.

Author: James Potter

Glimmer Society Pitch Creator Owned Series


A humorous web-series that examines the modern mythologies of internet conspiracies through the lens of two helpless psychedelic experiencers. At its peak, Psychonauts had over five thousand online weekly viewers. The story spiraled into the realms of the unconscious and became an avant-garde departure from the traditional idea of a web-comic.

Despite the fact that the series only ran for half a year, and that it's been half a decade since its release, I still have fans come up and ask me about this series at cons.

Self-Published: Creator Owned