Interior - Double Page Spreads: Design & Illustration

A five-part adventure series, involving my creator owned character, The Plaid Avenger. Each double page spread included a full page comic accompanied by an article write up on the region and an historical event around the drink.

Issue 15 -19

Client Mutineer Magazine

Children's Books

Cover & Interior Illustrations

- Rise of the Hokie Nation
- Michael Learns to Listen
- A Story of Lawyers
- A Story of Lawyers: With Views from the Bench

Client Mascot Books


Cover & Interior Illustrations

- Plaid Avengers World (Editions 01-08)
- Captain Geo
- Opera Zoo
- Breaking Ground

Client Kendall Hunt Publishing Company

Comic Books

Pencils, Inks, Coloring, Lettering & Design

- Turncooat

Author: Ryan O'Sullivan

“A riotous, irreverent battle royale with an impressive, excessive body count that would make Deadpool blush. Worth checking out!”
- Olly MacNamee, Bleeding Cool

Client T Pub (UK Publisher)


Concept Artist | Designer

- Bubble Blitz
- Hotshot

Client PlayQ Games

- Bubble Blitz
- Hotshot

Client Caravan Interactive

3D Modeling/Texturing/Lighting

- Lego Battles
- Fifa Street 3

Client EA Games