Working directly with our division’s leadership and marketing team, I designed graphics and marketing campaigns in both print and digital formats. I helped develop a database of vectorized icons, flash animated banners as well as page layouts for user instruction manuals. Eventually my skills led me to be a part of the website redesign team in which we completely overhauled our division’s website. My largest contribution was to bring the website onto a content management system by designing a modular setup in which non-designers and non-programmers could update and edit the site without having to go through our teams.

Client Rackspace Hosting


iPhone Game Design

A turn based strategy game in which players use connecting tiles to occupy space. After the placing round, players must make deals to leverage sharing the points from connecting clusters.

The user interface was continually redesigned based on focus group testing to create a simple, intuitive gaming interface. Colorful tile pieces were intentionally contrasted by a dark ambient tile board.

Game Unreleased

The Plaid Avenger

Website Design

Site architecture is highly important, especially when a site has a large amount of content to manage. For the Plaid Avenger website, we were hosting: bi-weekly video podcasts (of two separate categories); global interviews; a world leader archive; online comic; global interviews; merchandising; online classroom and various solo pages (pontact page, textbook pmarketing page, ect).

Before the designing began, I met with Kevin Cupp, the web developer on the project, and we discussed site structure. Once we arranged proper hierarchies and drop menu choices, I progressed to the design phase.

The Plaid Avenger is designed as a retro camp character, giving a nod to 70's men's adventure magazines (James Bond meets Indiana Jones). So it was important to make sure the color palette read like a vinyl paneled, shag carpeted, plaid furnished man cave. The Plaid Background was an unwavering demand of the client, therefore I pulled mostly muted and neutral color tones to soften the overall contrast. To make sure calls to action were the focus, I choose a vibrant orange as the standard call out.


Client The Plaid Avenger

Corporate Toons

Website Design

Corporate Toons was released as a daily comic strip. The site structure was relatively simple: Home Page, Latest Comic, Comic Archive, Character Library, and Blog. The site was designed in Fireworks, graphics from Photoshop and the CMS was created using Expression Engine.

Original creator owned web series