Concept Art

Bubble Blitz & Hotshot

As a concept artist for Play Q games, I designed a series of characters, vehicles, and other various prizes for both, ‘Bubble Blitz’ and ‘Hotshot.’

Each asset designed had to feel unique unto itself, as a collectible prize, but also fit into the same world of the game. During my two year run with Play Q, I designed hundreds of concepts.

Client PlayQ Games


Turncoat is a series poking fun at the world of spandex, tights and capes.  By narratively creating a parallel to commedia dell'arte, and attempting a satirical Shakespearean tragedy, the story blended theatre and comics.

This juggling of juxtaposing worlds led to a design approach that was highly theatrically "golden age" comic inspired. While each character's look was influenced by the architype it was mocking, it still needed to carry its own unique liveliness. My focus throughout the development process was to balance these two aspects and reach the quintessence of each personality.

By the end of the project we had a troupe of loveable, and hateable, fully developed supers.

Client T Pub (UK Publisher)


Caravan Interactive hired me to polish the look, feel and interaction of their mobile, turn based, card game. The theme of the game was elemental forces.

During a battle, each character chooses cards to attack, defend or switch between the elemental forces: Earth, Fire and Water. Each elemental phase affects the outcome of a player's attack and defense. Therefore, the character concepts were designed so that their forms could swap between states during play.

Client Caravan Interactive

Corporate Toons

Ahh, the corporate office, the cubicles, the stale doughnuts and coffee waiting in the conference room. We've all been there; most of us are stuck in this modern computer filled internment camp. Corporate Toons was designed to be a comical relief to the corporate daily grind.

The Corporate Toons cast needed to feel familiar, refreshing and bubbly, and to act as a safe haven shining on the monitors of corporate employees everywhere. Therefore, the style of the series was cartoonishly rounded and simplified, but with colorfully rendered forms.

While creating each character, the aim was to attach familiar generic corporate outfits onto the personal flavor of each character. Costumes were designed around the varying office job descriptions and stereotypes, from the old hippy running the company I.T., to the tight collared middle-manager with a Napoleon complex.

Original creator owned web series