3D Work

Fifa Street 3

3D Environment Modeling/Texturing

As part of a seven-person environment art team, I was responsible for modeling and texturing various elements of each outdoor soccer field. Our primary software programs were Maya for modeling, Photoshop for texturing and perforce for file delivery.

XBox 360, PlayStation 3

Client EA Games

Lego Battles


Despite the title being a Nintendo DS game, Hellbent wanted to create fully realized cut scenes.

Therefore, after storyboarding each scene, we modeled sets that were built to shot for each scene. I was responsible for storyboarding, blocking/staging, lighting and texturing each scene. My goal with the lighting was to create a variety of moods, letting each game arc (6 options in total) have its own feel. I wanted a consistent thread throughout each teams cut scenes. The mood developed with the lighting and texturing work is the aspect I'm proudest of on this project.

I also had the responsibility for the entire character line, from modeling to creating vectorized textures for all the Lego characters.

Client Hellbent Games